Drawings, February, 2016

To make these drawings, I engage a systematic process that branches into new forms as I meet if / else junctures in the work. The series grows iteratively, engaging perception as a subject and a means.

To begin, I draw a line and repeat it, until I have a relatively dense grid. I apply perspective to this grid and establish a basic unit of pictorial space. That bound unit: lines and perspective; becomes the foundation for building complexity. Variables such as repetition, color, incremental rotation, inversion, concentration and dispersion are applied. The properties of the initial unit are subverted and transformed.

I look for a play between solidity and transparency, mass and lightness, concentration and diffusion. I slow down perception through a build up of marks that almost assimilate or aggregate into an optical mixture; marks that resolve into patterns created by processes of rotation and layering. These patterns and binary relationships emerge slowly. The networks of lines converge and disperse creating multiple visual paths through fields of structured accumulation.

This analogue of a computer process is executed with my very human hand, errors, thought, and subjectivity. The optical game stands in for my struggle to comprehend the complexities of seeing. I want to create a space where point of view can not be fixed.